carbon monoxide detectors

Carbon Monoxide Dangers

The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

Low levels produce flu-like symptoms like nausea and headaches. Long term exposure can produce long-term health problems, although the data is incomplete. Recent studies show that exposure to levels as low as 9 ppm can seriously affect the body. For reference, it’s worth noting that a properly functioning kerosene heater produces 46-98 ppm



So tune up your fuel-burning appliances and make sure the ventilation works properly. Have a CO alarm within (and outside of) bedrooms, and invest in a CO monitor that has a digital read out and can detect combustible gasses. Expect to spend about $100 for a good one. The best one on the market right now is a Nighthawk KN-coeg-3. It’s an AC powered alarm that has a 9-volt battery backup. CO isn’t lighter or heavier than air, so the alarm can be placed high or low.


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