Spray Foam Insulation

Why Choose Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation is an eco-friendly high performance insulation product, delivering the highest R-value per square foot of any of today’s major insulation materials. A spray foam insulated structure feels almost like no other – it’s more comfortable, quieter in the summer and warmer in the winter; and its air conditioning costs are much lower. But what sets spray foam insulation apart from other types of insulation is that it prevents mildew and mold growth, which means less risk of health issues for occupants.

Spray Foam Insulation is One of the Most Energy Efficient Options

One of the most obvious benefits of using spray foam insulation is energy efficiency. Because it uses no formaldehyde or toxic chemicals, it is considered one of the most eco-friendly alternatives to fiberglass. When properly installed, it can actually lower energy bills by as much as 40%! Moreover, it reduces energy consumption through its unique and superior qualities such as high R Value, which means its effective capture of infrared heat from surrounding temperatures. Combined with proper installation techniques and a high level of care, this type of material can keep your home or entire home well insulated and save you money with lower heating and cooling bills.

Spray Foam Insulation Creates a Thermal Barrier Which Saves Money on Energy Bills

Many older homes have wall cavities that run the width of a room and slope towards the exterior. If this were not filled with some sort of insulation, these spaces would heat up and cool down like any other space. By filling these spaces with an insulating barrier, you can create a thermal barrier between the exterior and interior walls and prevent heat loss. It is very effective at reducing cool and heated air from escaping through gaps in walls and ceilings. This makes it a very powerful insulator, which can effectively save energy and money, because it does not heat or cool air from one point and spreads it evenly throughout a space.

Reduces Sound, Pollen, & Dust Particles

Spray foam insulation reduces sound and radiant heat transfer. It does so by forming an airtight seal. By eliminating the air barrier, this type of insulation can reduce the movement of airborne contaminants such as pollen and dust particles. It also provides an indoor air quality improvement, because it eliminates the need for an indoor air quality filter. Spray foam can be filtered to remove airborne particles and prevent them from entering your heating ducts.

Prevents Mildew & Mold Growth

One of its most important features is its ability to provide natural ventilation, which prevents the growth of mildew and mold. Spray foam insulation is also a water-resistant product made out of two ingredients; polyol resin and isocyanate, which react with water to form a material that is resistant to water vapor and water penetration. When these two ingredients are combined together, they expand by almost thirty percent of their liquid volume when it is sprayed onto different areas. Spray foam insulation will prevent mold and mildew growth which will help you in the future during your home inspection when you are ready to sell your home!

Prevents Ice & Snow Damage

Another benefit of this kind of roofing is its ability to prevent damage caused by ice and snow. It seals air gaps between ceiling panels and the roof, which allow heat and cool air to move freely and efficiently. This prevents water from accumulating in places where it is not supposed to and reduces condensation that can cause damage to your roof, ceilings, or attics. In addition, its contents stay dry because they are sealed between the foam, unlike conventional drywall, which often accumulates water.

Spray Foam Insulation is Flexible

It is a very cost effective solution for almost any application and environment. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be tailored specifically to your specific needs. For example, it can be cut to the precise size of your cavity or be custom shaped to cater for special features such as chimneys and skylights. It is a very flexible solution that can be cut to fit a wide range of applications including window applications, ventilation openings, bathrooms, kitchens, stairways, basements and much more. Therefore, it provides a very flexible solution and can be customised to a large extent.


By choosing to use this safe and effective insulation product, you can greatly improve your comfort and savings in energy costs. You’ll save money and protect the health of those in your home or office by eliminating drafts from escaping through cracks in your walls, ceilings and floors, and installing no sagging or breaking corners. Spray foam insulation has been a leading high-performance insulation product, offering the best R-value per square inch of any of today’s leading insulation materials. Ask your real estate agent for advice on spray foam installers and how spray foam insulation can help you in the home inspection process.

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