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Understanding Home Inspections

What To Expect With a Home Inspection You have been feverishly working to get your mortgage in place.  You have been searching for homes online at a feverish pace.  You have seen countless houses.  Now that you have found the house of your dreams, inspection day is right around the corner and you are getting […]

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Avoid Legal Issues with a Home Inspection

Real Estate is a very litigious industry.  Anytime you have large amounts of money at stake, people that would not generally sue someone suddenly have a different way of looking at a situation. One common thing that that you can do to legally  protect yourself in a real estate transaction is to insist on an […]

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What Is a Home Inspection?

What Is a Home Inspection? Home inspections are the most vital part of the home-buying process because they help the buyer avoid any surprises with the home they are purchasing. A home inspection includes an evaluation of structural elements, electrical features, plumbing, heating and the cooling systems. A qualified home inspector will look for any […]

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When Should I Change The Furnace Filter?

Changing Your Furnace Filter The short answer to “when should you change your furnace filter”  is once a month during the heating and cooling seasons for one inch filters. The furnace manufacturers recommend a month an inch, so a thick one maybe 3 or 4 times a year.  If you are looking to purchase a […]

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